Netsell SSL 128 Bit Security encryption

For many people anxious to buy or sell goods or services over the Internet, concerns about security have often had a negative impact on their buying decisions. Media reports have always painted a grim picture for the Internet as stories are released of stolen credit cards, computers being hacked into and so forth.

Netsell is able to ease the minds of business owners and Internet customers alike when it comes to Internet security. In conjunction with our e-commerce strategic partners, we are able to offer the following:

Confidentiality of payment information and accompanying order information

Legitimacy of specific cardholder

Cryptographic mechanisms for secure Internet transactions

Netsell’s web servers are 100% secure, protected by SSL (Secure Socket Layer) 128-bit encryption technology so your data remains safe, preventing your competition from stealing your ideas.

Our software is also certified virus-free and our equipment is state-of-the-art.

Netsell Internet do not store any credit card information on their web servers, it is transmitted by SSL to Securepay.

what is 128-bit encryption?

128-bit encryption is an advanced form of data encryption. In simple terms, it involves the scrambling of information such as credit card numbers, private addresses etc to prevent them from being intercepted by hackers en route from Netsell Internet to SecurePay. Through the use of an SSL, the information is unscrambled once it reaches its destination so none of the data is lost.

Netsell utilises the SecurePay Payment System

SecurePaySecurePay practices are of the highest standard.

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