Understanding WordPress Content Management System Website Designs?

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) around the world. Over 40% of websites worldwide are built with WordPress.

The website software allows you to quickly edit, manage, create and upload content on your website without having to learn any programming when setup correctly.

The WordPress CMS is considered perfect for business websites, shopping cart ecommerce sites, used by business of all sizes to meet the many different needs of users for promoting information, products and services.

Why you should consider using WordPress as your choice as of platforms.

Top 21 list of reason why WordPress is Ideal for your use.

1. WordPress is a user friendly money saver.

WordPress has replaced custom built websites as a cheaper alternative, saving you thousands of dollars on webmaster fees. Available third party plugins are far cheaper than custom build features.

Limited budgets is why many small to medium businesses are now picking WordPress over custom-built HTML websites to start their business online.

Cost of a custom HTML design vs. WordPress, with unlimited pre-made number of available designs and choice of structure to fit the needs of any business.

These pre-built designs come in many professional look and feel without the need to struggle over a perfect look for your needs.

WordPress is the best choice for small businesses who are starting up or updating their online presence. After setting up your website owners very often take over updating their own site saving money on webmaster charges and fees.

WordPress for Dummies guide will provide the needed information to maintain your site easily and cheaply. YouTube has an abundance of free WordPress tutorials to help you as well.

2. Building any style website is possible

Originally WordPress had been known as the Blogging Platform choice, today that’s all changed. WordPress has now grown into a fully optional versatile platform.

There are thousands of third-party themes and plugins available priced very cheaply to enhance your website. Installing a plugin is only a one click action via the backend or admin of the WordPress Theme.

Many large business and corporations around the world currently promote their businesses using the WordPress Platform. The very same content management system “CMS” offered to any size enterprise in need of a website.

Business like The New Yorker, BBC America, Bloomberg Professional, The Official Star Wars Blog, Variety, Sony Music all successfully invest in WordPress for their online business.

Netsell expertly builds and constructs your WordPress website to meet the client’s needs and may times improves on the original design outline.

3. WordPress maintenance and upgrades.

Websites constantly need upgrading to meet the W3C standards of the internet and Google, Bing and Yahoo Search Engines. The WordPress CMS Platform allows the webmaster or client to keep up the required upgrades.

WordPress and Plugins send you notices that they have upgraded the features to ensure search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are happy with you. Many times the upgrades fix bugs or issues found and fixed to improve your website. Sometimes the upgrades are free or you will need to pay a small fee.

Maintaining a website requires attention to the admin area. You have to keep your website up to the latest standards, optimize it for mobile devices, and upgrade security to prevent hacker attacks, adding new pages and content to your site.

Custom-built website, you’ll need the web developer to handle this sort of work. Sometimes the website will need to be re-built depending on the international W3C standards.

WordPress with one click, installs and updates any of the features your website uses, such as security plugins to protect your website and even add and manage all the sites pages.

The WordPress update system provides a far cheaper option than a custom built design in terms of costs.

4. WordPress themes, templates and plugins advantages.

Cost saving pre-made theme templates provides the client with an amazing amount of choice and designs. Template costs vary from free to a couple of hundred dollars.

Not all WordPress Themes are created equal. Netsell experience will guide you through the maze of designs and features that will become the backbone of your online business website.

WordPress designs have been a great cheap alternative to custom designs. Netsell will save you thousands of dollars by selecting the right WordPress structure. With the right layout, third party plugins, images, information, along with advice and useful suggestions.

The wrong choice of website design theme is very common. Resulting in a costly failure, unhappy user and lengthy time delay in releasing your business website.

WordPress is a great CMS platform when you know what you’re doing. Don’t let WordPress articles fool you into thinking it’s a walk in the park. For the right outcome you will need help to get it right and save money.

Not all WordPress Theme suppliers sell the highest quality themes with all the option you will need. Or add that third party plugin you require without greater cost.

Save money by selecting Netsell to choose the right WordPress Theme.

5. The Advantages of WordPress Plugins.

There is an amazing number of WordPress plugins that cover a huge number of features sold at affordable prices with support.

An endless number of add-on extensions and choices are available to build your website as needed. Allowing you to constantly expand your site cheaply.

Custom built HTML extensions can be very expensive and limited. Third party plugin developers are constantly selling new features or improving others.

Netsell provides the experience in selecting the correct plugins from the professional tried and tested developers.

Popular plugins include Yoast SEO tools, woo shopping cart and ecommerce, and Google apps. With close to fifty thousand plugins to choose from experience is needed to add the right and bug free feature to the site.

Extending your site design with forums, FAQ, forms, WooCommerce cart, blogs, newsletters are just a few to choose from. The options are virtually endless.

6. Setting up WordPress Themes

A great many WordPress user attempt to set up their own site theme, and fail. Unless you are willing to spend hours reading and working out what went wrong, it’s far cheaper getting Netsell experience I.T support with WordPress installations.

Peace of mind that the theme is set up correctly and securely is worth the few dollars.

7. WordPress Admin User Friendly

Famous quote of “no coding knowledge and web designer experience needed” isn’t totally true. You will need to study and read WordPress user instructions. In time it will get easier.

YouTube video tutorials are very helpful source when working with the WordPress Admin and Plugin’s. You may be tempted to fiddle in the WP admin, not a great idea.

Using the Live Editor to add new pages, posts, images and media onto your website. In the Appearance section you will be able to customize the look of your website by adding a new background, widgets, headers and menus as well.

8. Continuous Community Support and Updates

WordPress is an open-source software that has the support of a worldwide community dedicated to improving the CMS system. The WordPress community and forums are very helpful should you have problems or issues. WP experts are found in every country in the world and speak every language, ready to assist you.

WP third party plugins usually provide either free support or a yearly fee. WordPress.org provides many popular plugins for free.

WordPress by Automattic, releases at least three major updates for the CMS every year. Your system will automatically get updated with the other minor upgrades as well. And it’s free!

When updating your site content make sure to check the plugin section for updates. Not all plugin updates are automatically uploaded. Contact Netsell should you need assistance.

9. Supports all Devices, Mobile, iPad, Laptop and PC.

WordPress is fully responsive and supports all internet device platforms and screen sizes. Themes may need layout tweaking to ensure design quality.

WordPress Themes come pre-optimized for mobile screens, especially when you buy premium WordPress themes. Unlike custom-made HTML websites, you don’t have to create a separate version of your website for smartphones and tablets.

10. WordPress Security

WordPress themes protect your website from hackers, malware, enforce strong passwords and keep your site safe from potential harm to your online business.

11. SEO Implementation

SEO Optimizing your website pages and content for the major search engines takes a great deal of work and knowledge.

A long list of do’s and don’ts are needed to push your site above the competition. There are thousands of tutorials covering the SEO tactics one needs to implement to succeed in boasting rankings. Been seen should be left to the experts. Netsell uses expensive unique SEO software to analyse your site and content, that’s just the start of the job.

Improving site rankings is a mind bending task. SEO includes “on site” and off site” tweaking and adjusting over time. The number of fake SEO experts out there making false promises is ridiculous. Pay up front and cross your fingers they are any good. Three months later you’re no better off and a lot poorer for it.

There are two popular SEO plugins that assist in improving rankings. “Yoast SEO tools” and “All in One SEO Pack” are the most popular and used worldwide. The plugins do not automatically improve your website by themselves. They analyse each page and provide a report on what you need to consider to improve the site page. Links are provide explaining each issue that requires attention.

SEO changes include titles, URL and description. Commonly known as snippets, which is what you see on a Google search result.

12. Start A Business Blog

According to HubSpot, companies with a blog receive more traffic and 97% more links to their website than companies that don’t have a blog.

Needless to say, having a blog is now a crucial element for generating leads and increasing sales.

Use WordPress to setup a blog on your website. You can either use a subdomain (blog.yourwebsite.com) or install WordPress in a different folder (yourwebsite.com/blog) to start blogging right away.

13. Easy Content Management Plugins

WordPress dashboard comes with “classic editor” a basic system that is very limited. Third party plugin’s are available that provide a professional look and feel to the design. Recommended editors are Visual Composer, WP Bakery and WP Editor.

Visual Composer, WP Bakery and WP Editor.

These editors allow the user to upload a variety of multimedia content using the drag-and-drop interface, create galleries of your images, schedule posts to be published when required, adding cool widgets to customize the sidebar.

With regular use the client will become an expert at editing and updating their site.

14. Turning Your WordPress into an Online Store

WordPress using WooCommerce or WoonderShop plugin’s are the natural standard by most theme users. The perfect online shopping store system, an abundance of features, designs, and extra third party plugins available to further impress online shoppers.

Setting up the system requires attention to details, including freight fees and payment gateway connection.

Attracting sales requires quality images and descriptions. Adding 20 or 200 products takes time and care.

15. Attract and Build Your Own Community Supporters.

Social networking using WordPress plugin’s Buddypress and BB Press are great platforms to start building your online business. A friend’s positive review leads to sales and increase site traffic. Product feedback by community members provide interaction and client bonding to your brand.

Like a well-kept garden your community requires constant attention, care and planning. Social networking takes time and work to keep your community buzzing about your brand.

16. Integrate Third-Party Services

Flexibility of WordPress is impressive when connecting to “third party services”, as a world leading content management system. A variety of payment gateways such as PayPal work with WordPress that provide a payment portal for online ecommerce sales.

Backing up your website content with VaultPress is another useful plugin that provides security against loss of data. The loss of your online business due to hackers or server issues can ruin your business.

Collecting data on site visitors or sales is very useful for online marketing. Salesforce tracks and collect important customer data.

17. Translate Website into a Different Languages

Business that provide information, products or services worldwide need to consider the multi-language plugin. The ability to turn your site content into the local language is a must have feature. Overseas sales are important for any business, making your site user content friendly makes for a great experience.

WordPress plugins, such as WPML and Multilingual Press, let you not only translate your website into over 40 languages, but can also create a WordPress multisite to run each language on a separate site.

Add a currency convertor and the visitor feels at home locally.

18. Membership Site built in WordPress

Business that requires a membership system should consider Magic Members, Paid Memberships and Ultimate Membership Pro.

Information base services such as Food Recipes, Teaching and Learning sites, Fitness Trainers, University Courses are just a few of the many types of Information Services.

The plugins are a cheap and flexible system that captures client’s data which is linked to a payment gateway like PayPal.

19. Online Marketing Solutions and Suggestions

Marketing your own online business will save you thousands of dollars. Connecting to users on a personal level by responding to feedback while promoting your business while improve visitor rates to your site and improve Google Rankings.

Newsletters generate traffic, leads and sales. Visit YouTube for tips on marketing online. The key to marketing, promote your business as one they cannot live without.

Mailster is the perfect WordPress plugin for newsletter to clients or members.

SumoMe is another plugin that collect emails, show popup messages, integrate social sharing buttons and more

JetPack automatically shares your content on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Google+ pages. A time and money saver feature.

20. A/B Testing for Dummies.

A/B testing is basically collecting data on visitors, what is of interest, not so hot content. Which products get attention and those products that have a low interest rate?

The information provides a clear direction on visitor’s interest.

A/B testing services, such as Optimizely and Unbounce create landing pages and run split-tests to improve your website to make the most of your traffic and generate sales.

A brilliant onsite SEO tool to improve visitor to sale conversion rates.

21. The Future of WordPress

The people behind WordPress Automattic are constantly improving the CMS every year. The size of the WordPress community, plugin developers, current number of WP users worldwide guarantees this CMS will only get better and stronger.

Automattic have stated they have has big plans for WordPress in the future. Look forward to amazing new features yet to be built.

Netsell supports WordPress as a great choice to start or upgrade your site. A money saving system if you look after your own site.

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