Building Any Website Or Blog Takes Research And Hard Work.

Creating an “ultimate” blog SEO checklist

It can be daunting to assess everything you will need at the outset and everything you should track in order to ensure that your people are doing a good job.

Creating an “ultimate” blog SEO checklist doesn’t necessarily mean implementing all ranking factors at once.

It does mean implementing all of the factors meant to help you gain traction in any niche, regardless of your skill level.

However, if you are just starting out, I suggest hiring a professional or two to walk you through the process first, because one misstep can cause many issues later on.

Also, a note for other SEO professionals. I realize that some of these are not directly impactful in terms of SEO rankings directly, but there are considerations for putting some of these items here.

For example – while “correct” W3C valid coding does not necessarily mean great rankings, it does mean that your site will be cross-browser and cross-platform compatible. Also, it eliminates code bloat that may come with certain designs.

In addition, when coding correctly and focusing on a minimal mindset, it is possible to make your site’s load time much faster as a result.

Many of these items, while they may not directly impact rankings can impact other factors that in turn can impact rankings. It’s all interrelated.

And while it is possible to create a site that performs without some of these items present, it is important to note that said performance can come at a cost – that the elimination of some of these items will cause you to expend additional effort elsewhere that was not necessary.

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